30 December 2022

Since October 2022, the brand new Intensive Care Neonatology (ICN) has been in use at a new location of the UMC in Groningen (UMCG) in The Netherlands. A logistical change with an impact on the care process.

From open units to single patient rooms

For example, the old department with two open units moved to single patient rooms and twin rooms. This layout brought a new challenge. Different medical devices give multiple alarms at the same bed in a short time. As a healthcare professional, you naturally do not want to miss a single high-priority alarm for newborns. Because the doors almost always remain closed, distribution of these alarms outside the patient rooms is necessary.

Medical Alarm System (MAS)

Thanks to the use of the MediScore Medical Device Data Gateway (MDDG), the healthcare provider only receives the critical relevant alarms on the MAS smartphone. This takes place as soon as the Medical Alarm System (MAS) goes live. The MDDG supports the care process at the ICN with this smart alarm management solution.

Permanent and safe patient monitoring

The Emergency Department (ER) has already gone live with this MAS. Other departments will follow soon, including Intensive Care. For the UMCG, the goals of safe and permanent patient monitoring remain central. With this vision on the MAS implementation, the UMCG is continuing to work hospital-wide on future-proof care. Itemedical and its partners are happy to contribute to this. Thank you for the trust and cooperation.


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