Inside and outside the hospital, more and more medical devices measure various parameters in patients. The more data, the better chance to detect and prevent a problem early. Unless you get lost in too much data. If all alarms go off constantly, it causes a lot of noise and unrest for the patient, family and staff. Therefore, choose an intelligent medical alarm solution: MediScore Medical Device Data Gateway. (MediScore MDDG) from itemedical. This way you focus maximally on the situations in which your expertise is fully profitable.

Your benefits

  • Process the data of all your medical devices via MediScore Medical Device Data Gateway (MediScore MDDG): that includes the vital parameters, alarm data, settings, limits and (service) messages.
  • Add the vitals (automatically) to an Electronic Patient Record (EPR) or a Patient Data Management System (PDMS).
  • Filter, differentiate and enrich the alarms. Send a critical alarm immediately, or give an irrelevant alarm the chance to resolve ‘itself’ through a conscious and safe delay
  • Analyse objective data such as alarm duration and alarm conditions with MediScore Analytics and get the necessary insight to methodically and continuously improve alarm policy and device settings to safely reduce the number of alarms
  • Trust the quality, because the MediScore MDDG development is certified as a Medical Device Class IIb (CE 0344). Itemedical is also ISO 13485:2016 certified
  • Reduce the alarm fatigue of your healthcare workers
  • Accelerates alarm response

Importance of alarm management

  • Structurally reducing the number of clinically irrelevant alarms contributes to a better working environment and less alarm fatigue for healthcare workers
  • Fewer alarms in the department contribute to a quieter care environment and patient; family and staff experience this as positive
  • Reducing the number of alarms and alarm sounds can make a positive contribution to reducing patient anxiety and complications such as delirium

Increase alarm safety

Too many alarms causes alarm fatigue. Make an objective measurement and discover proven techniques to maximize alarm safety in your department and reduce the number of alarms. MediScore makes the difference as an innovative medical alarm management solution.


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