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Unlock medical data and alarms

Itemedical is a leading Dutch software company, specialized in the development and delivery of certified medical software and services. In a complex medical environment, with a wide range of equipment and a growing demand for relevant data and alarms, we offer hospitals innovative software and services to access and manage data and alarms independently of suppliers. Our solutions are fully manageable and integrate seamlessly with your EPD, alarm distribution system, data warehouse and other software systems. The right information, at the right time, to the right person. And that gives peace.

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alarm reduction for healthcare professionals


alarm reduction for the patient


reduction in alarm duration of life-threatening alarms

What we are doing

Baseline measurement

The first step is a thorough analysis of the origin of the alarms and researching the needs of the users. What do nurses want to see improved in order to do their work well? How do we tailor the alarms to the specific department and the type of patient?

We review the clinical values ​​in current settings. But also investigate how the standard values ​​relate to the numbers set by the specialists. We identify where the risks lie if we change the settings or if we do not adjust them.

Design and test

We analyze all collected data from the first phase: the baseline measurement. Based on this, we design different scenarios for reducing alarm signals. For example, a scenario in which we adjust alarm limits compared to adjusted treatment protocols. Or a scenario in which we forward alarms with delay without risk to the patient.

We never design alone, but always in co-creation. This way we develop better solutions faster.


We create an implementation plan that includes standard project guidance, technical designs, training and a testing phase. We are present during the implementation of the solution in the hospital. To see and assess very precisely whether everything is running safely and well and we solve problems immediately.

Refine and tune

After implementing the alarm reduction design, we optimize and refine the settings. We intensively supervise the entire process. From commissioning the software to changes in work processes in the hospital. We are only satisfied when everyone has the confidence to work with it and experiences the peace of mind of the achieved alarm reduction.

Service and support

We provide 24/7 personal service on our solutions and are always quickly available to find immediate solutions for unexpected situations. We believe that the most important thing is that every customer has a permanent and trusted contact person who is familiar with the specific situation.

What our customers say

Nurses go home with a calmer mind due to the reduction of noise and stimuli, we filter the alarms better.

Karen Van Quekelberghe, Adjunct Neonatology Nurse at UZ Ghent, Belgium

Questions about our solutions?

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Emily Baker
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Fully certified

Your security through certification. At itemedical, quality and patient safety have the highest priority. Rely on safe and reliable care. Thanks to certification, you can be sure that our medical software solutions are patient safe and that we take the quality of our processes seriously. And we handle all sensitive information such as your patient data demonstrably safely, adequately and carefully.

ISO 13485:2016

Itemedical company-wide certification

MediScore MDDG

MediScore Medical Device Data Gateway

ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Itemedical certification


Itemedical certification NEN 7510-1