Itemedical has designed MediScore Medical Device Data Gateway (MDDG) to independently unlock all medical devices. Unlocking means that all data, including the vital parameters, alarm data, settings and limits, and other (service) messages are made available to other applications and to the MediScore Database (for Analysis and Dashboards).

The received vital signs are made available to, for example, an electronic patient record from Chipsoft HiX, Epic and others or a patient data management system such as MetaVision.


The received alarm data can be filtered, differentiated, enriched and distributed with or without a desired delay. Alarms can be transmitted in real time, and if desired, stored in the MediScore database for further analysis or for use on operational dashboards.

All of this is done by itemedical in a validated and verified manner so that our clients can be confident in the proper functioning of MediScore MDDG. MediScore MDDG was developed as a Medical Device Class IIb (CE 0344). Itemedical, as the developing company, is ISO 13485:2016 certified.

Device connectivity

There is no department as data intensive as Intensive Care. Since the advent of the first patient data management systems (PDMS), there has been a need to connect medical devices to the PDMS.

Every PDMS or EHR already comes with a method to unlock medical devices. MetaVision does so by providing device-specific drivers, as does the Chipsoft PDMS. EPIC uses the services of an external middleware vendor, preferably Capsule tech. On the side of medical device vendors, itemedical sees a lot of variation. For example, there are devices with serial connections, with network connections, or central servers from which data is offered. In many situations, device connectivity is already more or less in place. So why would itemedical develop an MDDG?

Brand independent

Many of our clients indicate that they would like to have a brand-independent platform for unlocking data from medical devices. This gives our customers the flexibility to switch vendors of both PDMS/ EPD as well as medical device vendors, without having to replace the interface between the two. This reduces the risk of disinvestment.

Specialised product

The MDDG is specifically designed to unlock data from all medical devices. It has the full focus of itemedical, a specialised knowledge company. This sets it apart from the existing device connectivity functionality of PDMS and EPD vendors, for whom the topic is a necessary byproduct of the PDMS /EPD.

Not only device connectivity

In many situations, the Medical device has 1 data output. If you use that to only access the data for your PDMS or EPD, you are often no longer technically capable of using the data for an alarm distribution system, or for data storage in another database, or to use the data for operational dashboards, etc. By using the MDDG for your Device Connectivity, you do retain the aforementioned capabilities.

Three types of device protocols

  1. Proprietary unsolicited protocol
  2. Proprietary solicited protocol
  3. HTTP-protocol

Types of parameters

  1. Alarm parameters
  2. Monitored parameters
  3. Parameters setting

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