In the Cardio department of the AZ Delta hospital, Menen location, the complexity of implementing a medical alarm system led to the use of chain management. Visibility into the entire alarm chain is necessary for the safe management of this critical business application. The hospital itself does not always have the knowledge, expertise and time for this.

The solution

Biomedical Engineering called on the chain director of itemedical because of the specialized knowledge and expertise surrounding medical alarm management and integration of medical equipment. The implementation of a MAS (Medical Alarm System) is complex and requires insight into the entire alarm chain. Itemedical is at the center of this chain with its medical software, the Medical Device Data Gateway (MDDG), and has been working closely with various suppliers for years. Thanks to the use of chain management, this process went smoothly and safely.

What changed

  • An implemented MAS with a safe and manageable alarm chain.
  • Increased internal and external trust thanks to better cooperation between parties.
  • Aftercare with à la carte support: fewer own resources and time are required so that the focus remains on core tasks.
  • Increased knowledge for independent rollout of alarm management solution in the healthcare organization, thanks to involvement in implementation.

We can really recommend using chain management: it saves you from a lot of headaches, the project progresses much faster and the learning curve in the process is much shorter. You are truly relieved: you maintain focus on your own core tasks so that your efforts become more efficient.

Wouter Dejaeghere, Hoofd Biomedische Techniek & Jessy Malfait, Stafmedewerker Biomedische Techniek, AZ Delta, Roeselare location

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