24 October 2023

Emily Baker is embarking on an adventurous road trip visiting Scottish hospitals while exploring the stunning landscapes, historic castles, lochs, wild seas and vibrant cities. Join us on this journey as Emily shares insights into the highlights of itemedicals cutting-edge medical alarm solution for healthcare departments. 

During Emily’s travel, she will stop regularly to share her stories on LinkedIn. Follow along with her journey as she visits Glasgow Royal Hospital for Children and Queen Elizabeth Hospital Glasgow, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Raigmore Hospital Inverness, Edinburgh Royal Hospital for Children and Young People.

Our focus? 4 stops of an alarm management journey:

  1. Integration of medical devices
  2. Alarm baseline measurement and evaluation of data
  3. Implementation of interventions for alarm reduction
  4. Evaluation alarm data to establish how well the interventions work and start finetuning.

Stay tuned for updates, insights and captivating scenery from the heart of Scotland.

Let’s connect and discover how itemedical can support your healthcare facility. Although travelling around, you can always reach out and make an appointment with Emily Baker. Email: emily.baker@itemedical.co.uk or call +44 73 92 74 17 10.


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