4 December 2023

All desired alarms are safely delivered to the care telephone.

Sarah Van den Brempt, Biotechnology Team Leader, AZ Alma

At AZ Alma in Belgium, the Medical Alarm System (MAS) is live in the Paediatrics and HBBZ (Heart Monitoring and Stroke Care) departments. And this go-live coincided exactly with the birthday of one of the driving forces behind this project: Sarah Van den Brempt, Biotechnology Team Leader.

“The hospital initially opted for itemedical’s MDDG for the paediatric department. The healthcare professionals there work without a central post. Now the medical software solution MDDG offers a safe working environment. The alarms for each bed are properly communicated. We also find it an added value that itemedical is vender neutral and IIB certified. And this solution works well with today’s modern hospital infrastructure and is compatible with the entire chain. From now on, a nurse in cardiac monitoring does not have to actively monitor the central station all the time. All desired alarms are safely delivered to the care telephone.”, adds Sarah to this Go Live.

In the brand new AZ Alma building with state-of-the-art medical equipment, the hospital provides a broad alarm solution from itemedical in collaboration with 25-8, a Belgium message broker for a safe existing alarm chain. Thanks for your confidence.


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