07 March 2024 - 08 March 2024

St Andrews, Scotland

Longing for a calmer care environment?
Let’s connect and discover how we do this with our intelligent medical alarm solution at the SICS Annual Meeting in St Andrews in Scotland. Emily Baker and Inge van Veldhoven are looking forward to meeting familiar faces and making new acquaintances.

As a healthcare professional you are daily overwhelmed by an ocean of alarms. Practical measurements show that:

  • 3.000.000 million of alarm signals go off from medical equipment of 20+ Intensive care beds during 10 months.
  • Meaning an average of 45 alarms per patient per hour; or every 3 minutes 2 alarm signals.
  • And only 15% of all those medical alarms are clinically relevant.

Found out more how we can help to create a safe and quieter healthcare environment with fewer medical alarms. Doesn’t’ that sound like music to your ears?

More info and registration: SICS 2024


Knowing more about our medical alarm solution